How to Find My Dell Battery Model Number ?

Different laptops have different models of batteries and it thus becomes essential to buy the right replacement battery that fits into your laptop. The first thing you need to know is your laptop model or the battery model. We always recommend to our customers to provide the battery model number or the battery part number to avoid purchasing a wrong battery. Providing the correct information is essdellbatteryential to get the correct battery and the battery mode number of the laptop model number is different for each brand. It’s a bit confusing what exactly to look when you don’t have any technical knowledge.

We have divided into 2 major ways of identifying your battery model or the laptop model. By following below methods you can give us the correct model number so we can give you the most accurate battery cost and the availability.

Method 01 – By Dell battery model number (Recommended)

Try to locate the model number on the laptop battery. Different laptop brands have different terms and displayed in different locations however you will be able to find it because the battery model number will be in big bold letters. In some brands model is spelled as a module.

Alienware and Dell are the same company. Alienware part numbers can be a little strange but typically they are clearly marked. Dell part numbers are easy to find. They are called “Type” numbers. The “Type” is almost always listed near the Dell logo.

Examples of Alienware part numbers:

  • 9NJM1
  • DT9XG
  • 6JHDV

Examples of Dell Part (type) numbers:

  • J70W7
  • PT6V8
  • T1G6P
  • F7HVR
  • G4YJM

Method 02 – By the laptop model

This method is not recommended however if you are having trouble of finding Dell battery model or the part number you can provide us the laptop model number. With our thousands of model number database we will be able to find your battery model. Locate model or the module backside of the laptop as shown below.

E.g  XPS 17 9700, Inspiron 7737

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